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4moms MamaRoo Infant Seat Now Available in Australia

20 July 2013

The future of bouncing is here! The mamaRoo infant seat, recently released from 4moms, is the most sophisticated infant chair to hit the market yet.

The mamaRoo bouncer “moves like you do”, with five unique motions that mimic all the ways that parents comfort their babies. You have the soft ups and downs of a car ride, the bouncing of a kangaroo, the gentle tree swing, the familiar rocking motion of a cradle and the soft, circular movement of waves on the ocean. All these motions are specially design to match the natural rhythm of parent’s movements to bring the ultimate comfort and relaxation to even the most upset baby.

Along from the customisable movement of this bouncer, the mamaRoo offers even more technological advances. The mamaRoo has built-in nature sounds to help relax your little one but it also boasts a built-in Mp3/Ipod dock so you can play any type of music you or your baby would like.

While there are many great technology features of the mamaRoo, the relaxation and enjoyment of the baby comes first. The seat is reclinable to any position, there is a built-in mobile that includes reversible toy balls in bright, funky designs and for an additional cost there is a reversible newborn insert for extra comfort.

However, the mamaRoo’s impressive design does make it one of the most expensive bouncers currently on the market but if you’re looking for a bouncer that has it all and you don’t mind spending more to have it, the mamaRoo is for you.

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