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Avent Bottles: Classic or Natural?

Avent's range of bottles and feeding accessories are some of our highest selling here at Baby Mode, as they feature amazing quality and functionality for everyday use. Many expectant parents look at the Avent range when choosing their bottles, but many are confused about whether to choose the Natural option or the Classic option, so in this blog post we will be helping you determine which is better for you and your little one.

Avent Classic Range
With a design that's been trusted by millions of mums since 1984, the Avent Classic Range features a traditional teat shape with the quality design and materials Avent is famous for. While the Classic design has been a part of the Avent range for decades, it has recently been improved with a new design that has been clinically-proven to help reduce colic. The Classic range is a great option for all parents, however unlike the Natural range, the teat doesn't imitate the nipple closely, which may be an issue for children who are mix feeding or transitioning from breast to bottle. The Classic range is compatible with more items from the Avent range and is slightly less expensive than the Natural range.

Avent Natural Range
Avent's most revolutionary bottle yet, the Natural range features a teat that has been specially designed to feel just like a mother's nipple, creating a more comfortable feeding experience for your child. The Natural range is especially helpful for mothers who are mix feeding and for aiding in the transition from breast to a bottle. The Natural range also features an Anti-Colic design and an ergonomic shape for comfort of use, however, the Classic range is compatible with more of the Avent feeding accessories than the Natural.

So while there a few differences between each, whatever range you choose, when you choose Avent you will know that you are getting a bottle that is easy-to-use, safe and great quality. Every baby is different and every parent is different, so visit us in-store, see the range for yourself and choose the product that will suit your needs best.

The Avent Natural and Classic ranges are now available at Baby Mode, and for more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team! 

So tell us, do you prefer the Classic or the Natural range by Avent? Let us know in the comments below!    

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