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Baby Capsule Vs Convertible Car Seat

Baby Capsule Vs Convertible Car Seat

For parents, the safety of your child is the most crucial thing and car safety is an important part of this. When you first bring your baby home, choosing between a baby capsule and a convertible car seat can be really confusing.

Here is our quick guide to which option will best suit you and your lifestyle.

Buying a Convertible Car Seat


  • A convertible car seat generally has a much longer period of use compared to the capsule, with some convertible car seats now going from 0 all the way to 8 years. The convertible seats also can stay rear-facing for up to a year, which many experts believe is ideal.

  • A convertible car seat is a better value for money. If you get a convertible car seat that has a large age range (e.g. 0-8) you may not need to buy another car seat for your child, which could be more cost-effective in the long run. 


  • If your baby is sleeping in the car and you need to take them with you, you will have to pick them up out of the car seat and carry them with you. Unlike the baby capsule, no part of the car seat can be removed so you won’t be able to avoid disturbing them.

  • Because you can’t take a part of the car seat with you for the baby to rest in when you reach your destination, you may have to carry extra things with you like a porta-cot, which can be heavy and difficult to carry especially if you're traveling alone.

  • The convertible car seat can not be used with a pram. 


Buying a Baby Capsule


  • If you live a busy lifestyle and you’re going to be carting your baby on many adventures, the capsule allows you to carry your little one from place to place without disturbing them by picking them up. Likewise, when you get to your destination the capsule comes with you so there’s always a place for bub to relax (however, we recommend you don't leave your child in a capsule for an extended period of time).

  • By being able to transport your sleeping baby from place to place without disturbing them may help them get into a routine faster.

  • Most prams can take a capsule so if you're going to be walking for a long time (e.g. grocery shopping) and you can't carry the capsule, simply attach it to your pram and you're ready to go (make sure you buy a pram and capsule that are compatible).


  • The period of usage for the capsule is often much shorter than that of the convertible car seat so you will have to upgrade quicker.

  • You will definitely need to upgrade from a capsule to a forward-facing seat, which can become more costly when compared to the convertible car seats that have a large age range.

  • Depending on the size of your baby, a rear-facing capsule will only accommodate a baby up to 6-8 months and they will then move to a convertible booster seat that is front-facing. Many industry experts believe that it is ideal for a baby to remain rear-facing for at least a year, which can only be achieved with a convertible car seat.

Should I buy a baby capsule or a convertible car seat?

    If you are asking yourself this question weigh up the pros and cons of both options. Like most aspects of parenting, this decision depends on your personal preference and your lifestyle.

    There is no right or wrong answer, but just different options to choose between.

    For more information, check out our online Car Seat Buying Guide or visit a member of our expert team in-store at our Baby Mode Melbourne Superstore


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