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Bednest, voluntary modification, not recall

7 December 2016

Over the past few days the Bednest has received some attention in the press regarding an incident which happened in April 2015. Danish By Design have posted the following information on there blog page and on Facebook.
Bednest voluntary modification, not recall 

Dec 6, 2016 | Blog

There have been a series of reports written on various media sites after a recent interview with the family who lost their child in 2015 in the UK, whilst sleeping in a bednest. This coincides with the upcoming inquest on the 14th Dec. We would like to explain the situation and urges everyone to understand that the coroner has at no time labelled the bednest dangerous nor asked that it be recalled. The following comment has been provided by the manufacturer, Bednest UK. “The bednest has not been banned or recalled in Australia. Faced with some concern raised by some experts in the U.K., we developed a modification kit in November 2015 to delete the half-fold feature. This was also offered to customers in Australia. All cribs shipped to Australia after November 2015 have been modified at the point of manufacture. They no longer have a half-fold feature. Our distributor Danish by Design in Australia has kept the authorities informed. The term ‘recall’ is also used for product modifications that don’t require the product to be returned.. In the USA, the bednest passes the strict standard for co-sleeping bassinets, and the height of the half drop down side exceeds the minimum height recommended in this standard. The bednest was not recalled...

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