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Britax Factory Tour

While many companies are moving their manufacturing overseas, Britax; the makers of Safe-N-Sound, make cutting-edge products right here in Victoria.

Right around the corner from our Sunshine store, the Britax factory oversees the design, production and distribution of thousands of car seats every day. Recently, a member of the Baby Mode team received the opportunity to visit the Sunshine factory to see how some of our most popular products are created.

The visit began with a presentation, showcasing some very exciting new items coming to the Safe-N-Sound range soon (stay tuned!) and then a visit to the factory floor followed.

While the technical details were beyond our understanding, what quickly became apparent was the sheer level of detail and research that goes into ever car seat made, and how much this company values the peace of mind of parents and the safety of their little ones.

A personal highlight was visiting the on-site test lab, which examines the finished products in every way imaginable. Car seats are tested in an environment that replicates different car collisions to make sure they perform to the current safety standards. No other Australian car seat manufacturer has an on-site testing facility, and they test 1 out of every 1000 car seats to ensure complete quality.

We'd like to thank Britax for giving us the chance to visit their headquarters and showing us how they create their world-famous products.
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