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Difrax: Combi or Dental?

One of our most popular brands at Baby Mode, the Difrax range of soothers, feeding accessories and electrical goods are designed to make life easier for new parents.

While our customers love this brand, many of them find the choice between Dental soothers and Combi soothers a difficult one to make. Today's blog aims to help you decide what Difrax soother will be best for your child; Dental or Combi?

The Difrax Combi soother is designed to resemble the shape of a nipple, making it more comfortable for children who are breastfeeding or using bottles with a natural teat shape. The Combi soother also features a balanced, fully rounded shape that is ideal for children who turn their soother around in their mouth. 

The Difrax Dental shape has been specially designed to stimulate the development of the palate, tongue and jaw muscles, and features a shape that better resembles the natural shape of the mouth. This soother is ideal for parents concerned with oral health or children who don't turn their soother around in their mouth.

All Difrax soothers are available in a wide range of colours, designs and age suitability. All these soothers feature the Difrax age system where as your child moves through the age categories the soother becomes more dense, helping your child to wean themselves away from soothers by approximately 18 months.

The Difrax range of soothers is now available Baby Mode, and for more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team! 

So tell us, would you choose Combi or Dental? Let us know in the comments below!

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