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Eco-Friendly Linen by Bubba Blue

One of the things that parents love most about their newborn baby is their beautiful, soft skin. Soft, smooth and delicate, a newborn babies skin can also be incredibly sensitive so it can be critical to find manchester that will help to protect and soothe baby’s skin.

Bubba Blue has two ranges available, both with an emphasis on natural and sensitive products, and these be very useful for protecting the sensitive skin of newborns. 

Bubba Blue’s Bamboo range of linen, blankets, towels, swaddling wraps and gift sets feature a soft and luxurious bamboo material that is naturally derived, lightweight and breathable but also is a more sustainable fibre so it is environmentally friendlier too.

Featuring pure cotton fibres that have not been chemically treated, Bubba Blue’s Organic range of manchester, is designed to be kind to baby’s skin, while still being kind to the environment. This range also includes a selection of gift sets that would make amazing presents for any baby shower!

Here at Baby Mode, we have a huge range of eco-friendly, sensitive manchester now available in-store and online. For more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team!

So tell us, do you prefer using eco-friendly, sensitive products? Let us know in the comments below!

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