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Enjoy the Summer with Konfidence

22 October 2014

After a long, cold winter, summer is finally on its way, and that means in a few short months swimming will be on the agenda once again. Whether it’s in your backyard pool, camping by the river or at the beach, making sure your little one is safe by the water is always the highest priority. Konfidence’s range of life jackets, wetsuits, swim nappies and floatation devices are the perfect way to make sure your little one is comfortable in the water as they learn to swim independently.

One of their best-selling items, the Konfidence Float Suit is a great option for your little one as they learn to swim. It features 8 floatation devices around the torso, which can be removed one at a time as your child becomes more confident with their swimming ability. When all the flotation devices are removed, this will be a swimsuit that can still be used as they swim independently.

Other great items in the Konfidence range are the Life Jackets; which feature bright colours and floatation for additional safety, Paddlers; which will help protect your little one’s feet by the water, and Swim Nappies; which will help keep your little one comfortable as they swim the day away.

The Konfidence range is now available in-store and online at Baby Mode, and for more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team!

So tell us, where do you go swimming in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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