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Gift Registry or Layby

When it comes to choosing items for a new baby, there are a lot of payment options that can help make your life easier. Here at Baby Mode we offer layby and gift registries to help make shopping with us simple and fun.

When new parents come into our store, they’re often looking for a large selection of items; from car seats, to a pram, to furniture. We have a wide range of payment options to help make this process easier and on today’s blog we will be talking you through our gift registry and layby process and helping you decide which one will suit your needs.

The gift registry can be completed with us in-store (online coming soon) and is a great way to let your family and friends know which items you have chosen for your new baby, making it easy to find the perfect gift. Our gift registries are very popular for baby showers, and while registries are a great way to let your guest know what you want, it’s important to remember that items will not be put aside for a registry, so stock may be out when guests come to purchase a gift.

Alternatively, if you are concerned about missing out on items, a layby is a great option as all items are ordered for you and put away, so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Here at Baby Mode, we offer up to 3 months on layby and while it may not be an option that will be open for a large number of guests like the registry, it will give new parents greater piece of mind.

If you’re still not sure which option would suit you better, using both a layby and a registry can also be really helpful. To make life easier, we recommend using a layby for all the crucial items (e.g. pram, car seat, furniture) so that you know 100% that they are taken care of, and then use a gift registry for the less critical items (e.g. manchester, toys, a rocker) so that your family and friends can spoil you with a great gift!
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