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Home - Modular Multifunctional Nursery Furniture by Stokke

Final available in Australia is the modular multifunctional baby nursery furniture system known as Stokke Home Concept. Functional with sleek lines of premium quality and craft. The House shape provides all the main necessities for baby in one. A modular system allows you to pick out the desired look. From birth to 5 years. Watch your baby grow from a cot into a toddler bed. 

The Stokke Home Concept collection includes  4 basic pieces that work together to build the perfect nursery. Available in two colors, white and hazy gray, the pieces will fit into every home. Each piece can be rearranged to meet your changing needs as your child grows and can be used in multiple configurations based on space availability.

The Home cot, portable cradle, changer, and dresser can stand individually or attached to work together. The elements are clean and modern. With this innovative Scandinavian design, each piece is made with durable materials to last for a long time since they grow with your child.

The Stokke Home Cot is the heart of the Stokke Home Nursery Concept. Together with Cradle, Changer and Dresser, it offers countless possibilities for designing the perfect room for your newborn. A home within a home – especially for your baby. The clean lines of the Crib, together with its distinct house shape turn this Crib into the centerpiece of the nursery. We offer a range of textiles designed to create a protective and calm ambience for your baby, or a playhouse for your child. Not only is the concept ideal for your newborn as well as your growing child but it is also flexible enough to be customized no matter the size of your nursery. Once it is safe for the baby to climb in and out of the Crib, you can remove one side panel for easy access. When your child outgrows the Crib around the age of 5, you can continue using it as a sofa and playhouse.

The soft, light textiles of the cradle give your baby plenty of airflow and a cozy environment to rest, sleep and dream. At nighttime, keep your baby close by your bed – the cradle´s small footprint allows you to fit it into any sized bedroom. The cradle's light weight makes it ideal for daybed usage – just move it from one room to another to keep your baby close.

Stokke Home Dresser is the perfect height for changing your baby when the Changer is attached. The spacious, soft closing drawers offer plenty of room and give easy access without letting your baby out of sight. Depending on how you arrange your room, the Dresser with Changer allows for both sideways and parent facing changing positions. Open space for your feet under the Dresser let you get closer when changing and cuddling your baby. The Scandinavian design together with the durable material makes it a classic piece of furniture that will last for years.

The changer is a versatile component that can be used on top of the Dresser, Crib or Cradle stand, and attaches safely to all components. Protective sides and a padded mattress offer a safe and comfortable place to change your baby. The height of the Changer encourages eye-contact and you can choose both a sideway or parent facing position depending on the base unit and room setting. The included storage box keeps essentials close at hand and can be attached to any side of the Changer. When your child is older, the Changer transforms into a play table by simply turning the Changer upside-down and placing it onto the cradle stand. 

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