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InfaSecure Gets Wiggling!

15 April 2015

In some very exciting news, Australia’s most beloved children’s entertainment group and one of Australia’s most loved car safety brands have just joined forces, with a three year partnership starting between InfaSecure and The Wiggles!

In a press release, InfaSecure stated;

“When we look at The Wiggles, they're so wonderful at educating their audience in an entertaining way. For us, education is as important as our constant innovation, and plays an equal part in making car travel safer for children and easier for parents.

With the help of The Wiggles, we're going to reach more Australian families more often, to help them through the early family years (and have some fun along the way!).”

InfaSecure is without a doubt one of our best-selling car safety brands and we are so excited to see this brand-new marketing partnership with a true Australian icon.

For more information on the InfaSecure range, please comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team!

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