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Must Have Products To Make Travel Easier with Kids

Must Have Products To Make Travel Easier with Kids


If you are flying with your children these holidays you need to be prepared. Travelling in the car with little ones can be stressful, but flying with kids is another story whether it be short or long distance. Careful preparation and thinking ahead is vital to ensure your travels are enjoyable. Here is a list of Baby Mode must haves for families flying with babies and young children.


Compact Pram or Stroller

By far one of the most important things for flying with babies or young children is having a reliable but compact pram or stroller. Bulky and multi-piece prams can be a nightmare when flying, not only the weight but the large size. However, there are a number of compact options available on the market at the moment that make flying with kids easier:

Goodbaby Pockit Stroller – This compact pram holds the Guinness world record with the smallest fold at just 30cm x 18cm x 35cm. Perfect for taking on board most flights.

Quinny Yezz is a featherweight buggy champion at only 5 kg. Stong, durable and easy to use. This compact pram is also small enough to take onboard most flights. 

Baby Jogger City Tour is a small enough pram to travel with, and while it won’t fit in your onboard luggage, it is a lightweight pram that is also suitable for younger children as the seat reclines enough for them to take a nap.

As always, make sure always to check with your airline before you fly with your pram.

Baby Carrier

If you can’t, or don’t want to bring a pram at all, another option is a baby carrier which makes flying with kids a breeze. An ergonomic, comfortable carrier will keep your hands free to check in and carry your luggage comfortably. It can also be a great way to hold your baby on long haul flights when you are tired. A couple of recommendations are:

The Stokke My Carrier 3 in 1 is a great option as you can have your baby in three different positions depending on their age and size, and it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. 

Mia Mily's Hipster Plus Baby Carrier offers 6 different ways for you to carry baby - including front, forward facing, back, and hip carry positions.

Children’s Flying Harness

A reliable, lightweight solution for safe and easy flying with kids is the CARES Harness which acts as a car seat for aeroplanes. CARES is manufactured by AMSAFE, the world’s leading manufacturer of aeroplane seat belts and their testing shows it to be as safe as a car seat for your child.

Organised Nappy Bag

Whether you’re crossing the state line or flying internationally, an organised nappy bag is an absolute must-have whenever you’re travelling with children. Look for one that has lots of compartments and one that has a cool design so you can use it as both your handbag and nappy bag on the plane.  Make sure it can fit all your baby essentials and your own essentials too. Some popular choices are:

Lassig Green Label Neckline Back – This stylish nappy bag can be used on your pram or as a hand bag. It is super organised with its multiple compartments, a lined change mat, insulated removable bottle holder, and water-repellent wet pocket.

Oioi Faux Buffalo - This nappy bag is made from soft touch textured faux buffalo leather with dual compartments and multiple pockets including outer zip pockets, external front zip pockets, and two main compartments with elasticised and zip pockets. Included is a larget padded change map, insulated bottle holder, wet purse, and wipes case. You can use this nappy bag on your pram or over your shoulder.

Pacapod Mirano Classic - Made from durable cotton matte coated canvas with hardwearing wipe clean finish and styled with pebble leather trim and silver hardware. Inner compartment holds a feeder Pod which can hold up to 4 bottles, a change pod with room for clothes and bibs lotions etc, and a change mat. The Mirano has 3 parent pockets, one with key fob, one for mobile and a full length pocket (can be used for laptop).

Food On The Go

When you are flying with kids, the airline may not always have facilities depending on who you are flying with. You will probably need to have your child’s food ready to go.

The Avent Neoprene thermabag is the perfect size to carry bottles and containers but compact enough to fit in your carry on. The insulating lining will keep hot water warm, or will keep cold formula, breast milk or baby food cool, for up to four hours. Just make sure you check the liquid allowances for your airline prior to travelling to make sure you are within the required limit.

Travelling doesn’t have to be stressful. With these ideas you can make flying with kids much easier and a happy experience for your whole family. Check out the Baby Mode Facebook Page for more handy products for children.

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