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New Infa Secure Grandeur Treo

3 February 2016

Well known as being a company that creates unique and revolutionary car safety items, Infa Secure are poised to release a brand-new car seat that includes a range of features in one convenient product, completely unique to the Australian market.

The Infa Secure Grandeur Treo is a convertible car seat that spans from birth to 8 years, making it the only seat you'll ever need. While the 0-8 year design isn't new to the Infa Secure family, the Grandeur adds two new features that make this seat an amazing safety accessory for any child. Combining all the best features from the Infa Secure range, the Grandeur is the ultimate car seat, in both design and safety.

While most convertible car seats rear-face from birth to 6 months, the Grandeur will rear-face up to 30 months, protecting your child even more comprehensively well past their second birthday. Multiple studies have shown that up until approximately 3-4 years old, babies and children are significantly safer in a rear facing car seat in the event of an accident, and the Grandeur gives you the option to keep your child rear-facing for as long as possible. 

Safety is the number one consideration in the design of the Grandeur and aside from the additional time in rear-facing mode, the Grandeur also includes a built-in five-point harness that can be used for the life of the seat, from birth to 8 years. Proven to be safer for restraining a child than the vehicles seat belt, the Grandeur’s five-point harness will adapt to suit your growing child, while the Twist&Lift function makes adjusting the headrest and harness level simple.  With just one twist, the seat can be expanded to grow with your child, without the seat being taken out of the car and without disturbing the seat’s correct fitment.

Aside from these revolutionary features, the Grandeur also includes increased head protection with Infa Secure’s Secur-Air technology design, offering triple head protection in the event of an accident; a super narrow seat base of 44cm in forward facing mode, making it the slimmest Type G car seat in Australia
; and the full body protection of Air Cocoon Technology, offering protection for front, rear and side crash angles.

Made with the new Active Fabric from Infa Secure, the Grandeur features the vibrant Treo design, and is cooler, breathable and more comfortable than ever. Infa Secure’s Active Fabric utilises the same high performance polyester fibres and weave as athletic apparel, is soft to the touch, draws moisture away from the skin and is easy to keep clean.

Revolutionary and easy to use, the Infa Secure Grandeur Treo is coming soon to Baby Mode. For more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team! 

So tell us, what do you think of the Infa Secure Grandeur Treo? Let us know in the comments below!  

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