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Pregnancy 101: Packing a Hospital Bag

Every expectant mother will know that bringing a baby into the world requires a whole lot of planning. Whether it's taking classes or meeting with a midwife, planning for the process of giving birth is often one of the most crucial aspects new mums need to prepare for, and it can be quite a stressful process. 

Many experts reccomend that expectant parents should have their hopsital bag packed by around 36 weeks, in case of an early delivery, so today on the blog we are sharing our top tips for for packing your hospital bag.

1. Comfort Over Style
This may seem obvious, but if there is one time that you want to be comfortable, it's when you're giving birth. Don't get hung up on having "photo-worthy" outfits, just choose items that are easy to get on and off, easy to pack and most importantly; comfortable.

2. Get Charged
You will probably want to take pictures or video during the birth process or after labour is complete, so make sure that your support person has your electrical gear (including mobile phones or MP3 players) fully charged and with all neccessary storage devices (e.g. memory cards, SD cards). Bringing chargers/fresh batteries with you is another great idea, especially in the case of a long labour period.

3. Medical Information
If your giving birth at a hospital, they should already have your medical documents on hand, but taking a folder with all health related items is a great idea for any expectant mother. This folder should include a copy of your birth plan, medical history, relevant doctors reports, a list of allergies and Medicare/ Health Insurance information.

4. Things for Mum
Ideally, the labour period should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible, but of course the reality is quite different. Even though it may be one of the most stressful times a woman goes through, you should still bring items that will help make you a little bit calmer, including a birthing soundtrack, snacks, a heat pack, comfortable pillows and your favourite beauty items.

5. Things for Bub
When giving birth, you need to account for a new baby, so make sure you have a large potion of your baby dedicated to items for a newborn. Nappies, nappy cream, mittens, bodysuits and baby wipes, are all the essentials, and you can then add any other bits you might need. Also when it comes to packing baby clothes, it can be helpful to have a few different sizes.

You can find heaps more information on the Baby Mode Checklist, which has been especially designed for new parents, so check it out here.

So tell us, how did you prepare for your labour? Let us know in the comments below. 
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