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Strolling In The Fast Lane

3 September 2013

If you lived an active lifestyle before bub, you can still have an active lifestyle when your baby is born. Jogging prams are great for the parents that love to run or even just if you want a pram that is durable and performs well on all-terrain for all your family’s adventures. Here are the jogging prams we stock at Baby Mode;

B.O.B. Ironman

This is the ultimate running pram. The fixed front wheel provides increased stability for jogging and the lightweight alloy wheels with pneumatic tires and tubes are fast and durable on many surfaces. It features a handbrake to help you keep pace when you’re jogging and the adjustable suspension system gives your little training partner a comfortable ride. This is a great pram for the hardcore runner but it’s fixed front wheel means that it can be awkward to manoeuvre for day-to-day activities. This pram can’t take a bassinet but it does take a B.O.B Unity carrier.

B.O.B Revolution SE

Similar to the Ironman, the B.O.B Revolution SE is pram for jogging that is suited to everyday activities as well. The front wheel is lockable so you can have it fixed for your run and swivelling for everything else. It features the same adjustable suspension system as the Ironman but the high-impact polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires and tubes work more efficiently on tough terrain This pram doesn’t feature a hand break but it also takes a B.O.B Unity carrier.

Baby Jogger Summit XC

Similar to the B.O.B Revolution SE, the Baby Jogger Summit XC is a pram that is great for both jogging and everyday use. It features unique patented all-wheel independent suspension, hand break for increased control on uneven terrain, the swivel front wheel can lock into place for jogging and the sturdy pneumatic tires are for all terrains. This pram is really versatile as it can take both a bassinet and a capsule so it will suit a growing family but it still performs great for jogging.

If you are looking for a jogging pram but you’re not sure which one is best for you, come and visit us at our Sunshine store. Our friendly staff will help you get back on track. 

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