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We are officially into Summer and temperatures are soaring. While summer can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year with BBQs, summer holidays and days at the beach, the extreme weather can be quite difficult on small children. So here are some handy products that can help make your Summer easier and make sure your baby stays cool and comfortable. 

UV Pram Cover

Baby's have quite sensitive skin and in summer they can burn very quickly. If your taking your pram out on walks in the sunshine, buying a UV cover that will suit your pram is essential to prevent sun damage or sunburn for your bub.

Mosquito Net

We all know how annoying the mozzies can get when you are out and about in Summer, so it is important that you cover your little ones up as much as possible. While you can try different creams and sprays while they are running around, a good mosquito net is essential for your baby's cot or pram. 

Most prams will have their own brand however if you are looking for a standard mosquito net which will fit most strollers and prams and your child's portacot take a look at the Veebee Universal Insect Net. This way you get multiple uses

Swaddle Up Lite

We all know that hot, sticky nights can make it almost impossible to fall asleep and this is the same for your little one. Swaddling has been proven to help babies fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer but in the heat of summer you may not want to wrap your baby in thick material. The Love To Dream Swaddle Up Lite gives your little one the comfort of swaddeling but the light, cotton material is breathable and will keep your bub cool.

Bubba Blue Bamboo Manchester

Bamboo fabric is ideal for summer as it is natural, breathable and will help maintain an even body temperature, which will help your bub sleep more comfortably and soundly. The Bubba Blue bamboo manchester range features flat sheets, fitted sheets, waffle blankets and also towels and facewashers.

Window Shade

Most Australian's will know there is nothing hotter that the inside of a car on a summer day and for a little bub this heat can be really dangerous. A UV sun shade for the car windows can be really handy to not only help keep the car a little bit cooler but to prevent sunburn for your little one. Check out the Outlook Auto Shade, or the Britax EZ cling window shades.

Pram Liner

Pram liners are essential for protecting your pram, but in Summer they also protect your little one from getting sweaty.  The Bambella Designs pram liner is universal in design made to fit all five point harness pram liners. They offer maximum comfort with a 300 gram density inlay and cotton outer fabric. 

Reusable Swimming Nappies

Reuseable Swimming Nappies are so handy for days by the pool or at the beach as they are waterproof, breathable and are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional disposable swimming nappies. There are some beautiful designs that are perfect for summer days.

With these products its easy to keep your little one cool and comfortable this Summer, while still enjoying the great outdoors. For more information or advice on these products and more, visit us in your nearest Baby Mode Store and speak with a member of our friendly team.

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