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Surviving the Santa Photo With Your Kids This Christmas

28 November 2017

Surviving the Santa Photo With Your Kids This Christmas

It's almost that time of the year and parents are getting excited about getting Santa photos with their kids! Getting your child photographed with Santa can be stressful for any parent but it can be downright terrifying for your little one. Here are our top tips to getting a great photo with Santa Claus, without the tears and tantrums!

1. Get Your Little One in the Christmas Spirit

Before visiting Santa, make sure to watch some Christmas movies and read some Christmas books with your child, especially ones that include Santa Claus. This will help get them excited about meeting the big man in red!

2. Choose Your Time Wisely

Waiting in line for an hour is a sure-fire way to make any child agitated but combine that with twenty other screaming, crying children and you have a potential riot on your hands. When visiting Santa, try and choose a time that will be quiet such as a weekday morning and avoid lunchtime, after school hours and weekends like the plague! Also take into account your little one's nap times and try to work around them to make sure they are happy and content and willing to smile when getting their Santa photo.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Stress

Whatever you do, don’t let your child see other children getting upset and frightened with Santa. Children learn a lot from their peers and if they see every child crying on Santa’s lap they will think that there is something to be afraid of and will react as such. 

4. Keep Your Child Comfortable

Sure you’ve spent a small fortune on that mini elf costume for your toddler’s photo with Santa, but if the zip is digging into his back, the velvet is making his legs itchy and the hat and is too hot, your little one will not be happy and it will definitely show. Try to keep your little one comfortable on the day even if it means giving up the costume.

5. Take Christmas Props

If your child starts to get grizzly when your getting ready for your Santa photo, make sure you have some thing to lift their mood. A favourite toy or a Christmas book that you can read to them are great distractions and bribery in the form of a candy cane is also encouraged!

6. If All Else Fails, Get Involved!

Sometimes you have to accept that the only way your child is getting photographed with Santa Claus is by dragging you down with them so make sure you are prepared to be in the Santa photo too, after all a happy Santa photo is better than no Santa photo at all.

Good luck with your Santa photos this year. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas from the Baby Mode team, and may you always have a large stash of candy canes in your purse!

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