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The 4 Stages of Difrax Soothers

27 August 2014

Without a doubt, whether or not to use a dummy is one of the most controversial and debated issues in regards to parenting. While many people suggest that they are a bad idea, many parents swear by them to help calm their child and preserve their sanity.

However, one of the chief complaints we see here at Baby Mode from parents that used dummies to help soothe their child is that it can be very difficult to wean an older child away from the comfort and habit of using a soother, particularly if they have been using a soother from a young age.

That is where the Difrax range of soothers is here to help. Ranging from newborn up to 18 months, the Difrax range features 4 distinct soothers that are designed to grow with a child and slowly encourage them to wean themselves off the dummies for good.

This system works by slowly changing the density and consistency of the teat, as they graduate from one dummy to the next. When they first start using the Newborn Soother, the child will experience comfort from sucking the hollow silicon teat but as they get older and progress to the 6m+, 12m+ and 18m+ dummies the teats gradually get more and more dense, providing the child with less enjoyment and thus helping parents wean them off for good.

Featuring a combi design that closely resembles a nipple and a dental design that has been created to protect the teeth, the full range of Difrax soothers is now available at Baby Mode.

So tell us, did you struggle to wean your child off using a dummy, and if so what was your most successful strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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