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The Name Game

30 July 2014

Every parent knows that choosing a name for your bub can be one of the most difficult and confusing decisions to make. You are essentially creating the first aspect of your child’s identity and it can feel like a lot of pressure to choose the perfect name that will suit your child to a tee. So today we are bringing you our top 5 tips for how to choose your baby’s name without any stress.

1. Do The Research
When picking a name make sure you don’t just follow the trends. Research the names’ meaning, where the name originates from, other people who have that name and so forth. This will make sure you are 100% aware of the name’s history and that you’re not just picking out a name based solely on instinct. This can also be a great way to eliminate names from your larger selection to create your shortlist.

2. Avoid the Typo Trap
Nowadays, many parents want their child to have a name that is unique and special, and one of the most common ways they create that point of difference is to pick an unusual name or use a traditional name but tweak the spelling. While this will stand out from the crowd, just be aware that you and your child will probably spend the rest of eternity spelling out their name, correcting errors or just putting up with all the typos. Don’t forget that sometimes simple is best.

3. The Nickname Game
If there is one thing in life that is certain, the fact that young children will inevitably shorten every name down to a nickname must be it. When thinking about names for your child, you can’t avoid thinking about what the shortened version of that name would be. Love Nicolas but hate Nick? Probably best to avoid that name, as you can’t guarantee that your Nicolas won’t become Nick or Nicko to the rest of the world.

4. Go With The Flow
When picking a first name and a middle name, make sure you test how the name flows together with your last name too. Think it to yourself, say it out loud, write it down… does it work together? Also pay attention to the initials; sure Louise Sarah Dunham sounds lovely but the monogram LSD… maybe not so much.

5. Create a Top 3
More often then not; the main thing that troubles expectant parents is landing on one concrete name for their bub prior to labour… and it’s easy to see why. Naming your bub without seeing them first, can feel like your creating an identity for someone who you don’t really know, so coming up with a shortlist of around 3 names that you really like is a great place to begin. Note: If you are unsure of the gender or having multiple children you may need to create two or more shortlists.

So there are our top 5 strategies to help you choose a name for your child, we hope they helped. Don't forget that most parents worry about naming their child but once they meet their baby, more often than not, all that stress melts away and the decision becomes easy.

So tell us, what is your child’s name, and how did you choose it? Let us know in the comments below! 

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