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To Register, or Not To Register

Baby Gift Registries

It seems like only a few years ago that the gift registry was almost unheard of. If you had an event coming up, you’d just go to the shops and pick out a gift for the person depending on what they like, the occasion, your budget or all three. But times have changed and while it may have started with weddings, now there is a gift registry for almost everything and baby showers are definitely no exception.

Benefits of a Baby Gift Registry

There are some real advantages to the gift registry. If you’re a guest buying a gift for an upcoming event and you don’t know the mum-to-be very well, a gift registry is a great way to choose a gift that they’re guaranteed to love. Likewise,  if you’re time-poor a registry can often take the hassle out of going from shop to shop to find the perfect present and now many gift registries can be done online which makes it even easier.

For the person receiving the gifts, a registry can be a great way to ensure that you get the presents that are on your dream list, rather than receiving presents that may not suit your needs or your taste. Like buying items for your house or for your wardrobe, buying things for a new baby is a matter of personal taste and individual needs. Not planning on breastfeeding? Well, receiving a breast pump is a generous gift but it won’t suit your needs and you will probably need to return it, which can be both awkward and inconvenient.

Baby Gift Registries Available at Baby Mode

At Baby Mode we offer a gift registry service in-store and by the end of the year we are hopeful to provide a registry service online. But if you prefer to buy a gift the old-fashioned way, our Sunshine store and online store feature a huge range of great gifts that are sure to suit every mum and baby.

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