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Greentom Upp Review

11 November 2015

The greenest stroller in the world, the Greentom Upp is made of high quality, recycled plastic, creating a design that is so sustainable that the components of this stroller can be reused or recycled again to create new products!

The Upp’s frame of the is made of polypropene and the seat is made of PET, derived from soft drink bottles, to create a stroller that is as kind on the environment as it is on your little one. The Greentom Upp light and highly durable and features a bold, modern design that is perfect for the urban landscape.

Another amazing feature of this stroller is that the innovative design and the selection of materials enables this product to be produced the anywhere in the world or even locally, making the world's greenest stroller even greener for the future.

The Greentom Upp can be purchased with a bassinet or without, and can also be used with the Greentom Upp Car Seat Adapters to create a travel system for an on-the-go family. The Upp is available in a range of bold colours with either a classic black frame or a eye-catching white frame.

Modern and eco-friendly, the Greentom Upp is coming soon to Baby Mode. For more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team! 

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