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Travelling with Kids Just Got Easier

We all know how stressful it can be to travel with little ones. Between the tears, tantrums and carrying enough gear onto the plane to last an army, you get to your holiday destination feeling more stressed out than you started!


Well apparently the team at Etihad Airways have been listening, launching the "Flying Nanny" service, a unique in-flight child-care assistance program for families on board long haul flights with the airline.

Three hundred of Etihad Airways’ staff have been enlisted as in-flight nannies, trained in child psychology and sociology, as well as equipped with all the crafty gear and games to charm your kids. Your children will be provided with craft packs that include straws, stickers and cardboard and helped by a member of Etihad's team of nannies to create an in-flight masterpiece. They will also be entertained by magic tricks, puppet shows, galley tours, quizzes and word games. 

Etihad are hopeful to expand the program to include five hundred Flying Nannies, with the service as standard on all flights by the end of the year, but for many travelling families the sky is no longer the limit!

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