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What is Maxi Cosi SMART Guide Top Tether

What is Maxi Cosi SMART Guide Top Tether

What is a SMART Guide? The Maxi-Cosi SMART Guide, found exclusively on the NEW 2023 Maxi-Cosi Pria LX convertible car seat. It is an Australian designed innovation making it safer to travel, every day. Parents and carers who are always on the go with their babies need a car seat that is not just safe but also easy to use.

This is where the SMART Guide® system comes in. This innovative system removes the barrier of lifting your baby over the top tether, making it more convenient to get your child in and out of the car seat. But the benefits of the system go beyond convenience. Many parents are unaware of the fact that up to 90% of car seats* are installed incorrectly, which is alarming. The SMART Guide® system simplifies the reroutes the top tether, ensuring your car seat is installed correctly, reducing the risk of misuse from poor installation or not re-engaging the top tether once your child is in the seat. When installed correctly, your car seat can significantly improve your child’s safety in the event of a car accident. Parents with SUVs often face challenges installing car seats because of high rear seat backs. However, the SMART Guide® system makes it easier to install and use the car seat in this category of cars. The innovation easily overcomes this challenge, making it a popular choice for parents who own SUVs.

The impressive SMART Guide® system is Australian-engineered and designed, making it a world-first. The engineers of this system understand the concerns and challenges faced by parents and carers, which is why they created a system that prioritizes safety and convenience. Easier and safer to use, the SMART Guide® system is the best option for parents looking for a better way to secure their child’s safety in the car. Engaging your SMART Guide

Your SMART Guide can be found on the side of your Pria car seat and can only be engaged when your seat is installed in the rear ward facing position. You must engage with one side only (not both). If you are placing your car seat in the middle of your back seat, you will need to decide which side of the car you will be placing your baby into the car seat from and engage the appropriate side.

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