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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon- Sat 10:30am to 5pm & Sundays 10:30am to 4pm. For STORE Enquiries call 03 9311 0675 For ONLINE Enquiries 03 9311 1730
OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon- Sat 10:30am to 5pm & Sundays 10:30am to 4pm. For STORE Enquiries call 03 9311 0675 For ONLINE Enquiries 03 9311 1730

Baby Car Seat Fitting Service - Sunshine

Baby Mode’s professional fitters are here to help you install your car seat at our Sunshine superstore.

Proper installation is critical for ensuring the safety of your little one. Our fitting service includes full installation, as well as tips and best practices to ensure your baby always travels safely.

Save time and have peace of mind with Baby Mode - check out our range of car seat fitting services below.

Baby Mode Child Restraint Car Seat Fitting Installation Services

We have purpose built our NEW In-Door Car Seat Service Centre Workshop within our Melbourne Superstore located at 5/77 Wright Street Sunshine VIC 3020.  All Baby Car Seat Installation Services are provided with full safety in mind and not conducted in busy Car Parks as traditionally the case with other providers. Our service centre has all the products and services on display to match your needs, including Car Seat Fitting, Car Seat Cleaning and Car Seat Hire.

Our professional fitters will only install car seats and restraints that meet Australian Standard AS/NZS1754 and are less than 10 years old. Our car seat installation services include professional fitting of your Baby Car Seat together with some expert tips on best practices to use the car seat. 

Type of child restraints we fit are: 
Baby Capsules
Convertible Car Seats
Forward Facing Car Seats
Booster Seats


Cost of Installation  

or turning an existing seat around is a 20 min booking at a cost of JUST $39.99

or turning an existing car seat around and installing a second seat is a 40min booking at a cost of JUST $79.00

or turning an existing car seat around and installing a second and third seat is a 60min booking at a cost of JUST $117.00

3 Important Points to Remember 

If we are installing a car seat or capsule in the newborn rear-facing position, it’s a good idea if you could place 2-3 bath towels in the car for us in case we need them. The reason for this is that your vehicle’s rear car seat may not provide the angle that the Safety Seat needs to be positioned for the baby. With a towel we could, if necessary, create a seat angle that will comply with the products instructions. This is only in case we have an angle or contour issue, every vehicle is different. We also recommend the use of Car Seat Protectors to ensure the car seat does not severely damage your vehicle’s car seat, these can be purchased at the time of installation if you require.

When fitting the car seat into your vehicle there may be additional accessories (like extension straps, locking clips, anchor bolts etc.) that may be required. This is fully dependent on your vehicle’s back seat structure and also where your vehicle’s anchor points are located. If these accessories are required they can be purchased at the time of installation.  

When installing requires Baby Mode to reposition a seat from rear facing to forward facing or when installing a forward facing car seat for Children 15 months or younger. It is necessary (for your child's safety) that you have your child present to make sure that the new seat positioning is compliant to your child’s requirements. If your child is not going to be available during the installation process then prior knowledge of the child’s size may be necessary to configure the unit prior to installation taking place. This can be done easily using a simple measurement of junior before you come down for the installation. All that is required is to just sit junior on the floor and measure from the floor up to their shoulder height and bring that measurement with you to the appointment. For a child to be able to be placed in the forward facing position they are required to meet the lower height marker of their seat. This may save you time and money, as if this information is not on hand the fitter may refuse to reposition or install the seat. 

When completing your booking online, please ensure you supply your mobile phone contact number. This allows our fitters the ability to contact you prior to your book appointment time, should we need additional information regarding your car seat or child. 

VERY IMPORTANT: If we detect any faults with your used seat when installing, we take no responsibility for its condition.  We do not recommend purchasing 2nd hand seats unless you know how to identify the age of the seat and the history of the seat.  We legally cannot install a seat that is older than 10years. Any seat that has been involved in an accident should never be on sold our used again.  We will refuse to re-install any seat if the seat is out of date or has been compromised in any way.  Fees for our services will not be refunded in these instances.