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Car Seat Spot Clean 20 Minute Service For One Car Seat

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Car Seat Spot Clean At Our Sunshine Store Duration 20 Minutes

This service takes place at our Sunshine Superstore which is located at: 5/77 Wright Street Sunshine VIC 3020 

The Spot clean Service for capsule, car seat or booster includes: Using only organic cleaning products our staff will Spot Clean the car seat cover and the seat of the vehicle. Then once done the seat will be refitted.

Note: Only suitable for seats that have been in use under 6 months or has been cleaned by us regularly.  Deep clean services available for more intense cleaning requirements.  Due to the 20min fast turnaround of the Spot Clean service your baby car seat will be still wet & will take up to 24 hours to dry naturally depending on weather conditions etc.  To quicken the drying time run car heater during cold days if possible.

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