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Angelcare Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Unfortunately babies don’t come with a manual, so it can be amazing to have a product that will gives you some peace of mind when it comes to your babies’ health and wellbeing. Baby monitors can be a convenient way to observe your baby and help ensure their safety, and with a massive range of different monitors with different features, Angelcare monitors are sure to suit everyone. Here is our guide to the Angelcare range and what monitor will best suit you and your little one.


Angelcare AC1100

The most versatile baby monitor by Angelcare, the AC1100 combines a quality baby video and sound monitor with an under-the-mattress baby movement Sensor Pad. This is a great product if you not only want to hear you baby but you want to see them too. The sensor pad also monitors your baby's movements and will send an alert if no motion is detected in the crib after just 20 seconds

Angelcare AC1120

This 2-in-1 baby monitor system is a great advance in baby technology, featuring a high-quality sound and baby video monitor so you can hear and see your baby at all times. The AC1100 without a sensor pad, this is a great option for parents who want the asurance of seeing and hearing their bub but don't feel the need to monitor their movements. 


Angelcare AC401
Angelcare's best, most-advanced baby movement & sound monitor to date. An award-winning baby movement & sound monitor system, the AC401 is both pretty and practical. The Sensor Pad and its motion detectors will pick up the slightest movements of your baby and with the portable Parent Unit you’ll hear every little sound coming from baby’s room. The unit also features a full colour digital display and nursery temperature display for additional peace of mind. 


Angelcare AC401 Deluxe

The upgraded version of the popular Angelcare AC401 baby movement and sound monitor that comes with a Sensor Pad movement detector and 2 state-of-the-art Parent Units for added reassurance that baby is sleeping safely. This monitor is great if you and your partner are often in different areas of the house as it allows you to both be aware of your bub at all times.


Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Plus
The ultimate AC401 package, this features 2 state-of-the-art Parent Units and 2 Sensor Pad movement detectors for added reassurance. This is an ideal product if you love the features of the AC401 but want the convenience of 2 parent units and the additional safety of 2 sensor pads.


Angelcare AC420

If you are looking for a baby monitor that is really good quality and at a great price without all the bells and whistles, the AC420 Sound Monitor offers crystal-clear sound quality so you hear every peep, every cry, every laugh that baby makes when you are out of the room.


Angelcare AC300

If you already have an Angelcare baby sound monitor but you want an extra level of reassurance or you have 2 little ones, twins or triplets sleeping in the same room, the AC300 with Sensor Pad and additional monitor is the perfect complement to your existing Angelcare baby monitoring system. Simply place one under the mattress of each additional baby and you have all bases – and babies – covered.


Angelcare AC201
The AC201 combines a crystal-clear sound monitor and highly sensitive movement detector, similar to the AC401, but completely analogue. This is a great option for parents who want a great-quality sound monitor with the additional reassurance of a movement monitor at a great price. 

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