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Angelcare Information for Multiple Babies

15 October 2013

Bringing a new baby home is nerve-wracking for any parent... but add two babies into the mix and it can be even more stressful. Angelcare Audio, Video and Movement monitors are an ideal way of bringing you some additional reassurance, but Angelcare also recognise that families come in all shapes and sizes and their monitors often adapt to suit your unique family. Here is some helpful advice for how Angelcare monitors can adapt to suit multiple children.

2 x Angelcare AC401
You can use two AC401 sound and movement monitors in the same room provided your children are in seperate cots, sound fuctions are set to different channels and one parent unit is set for sound and one parent unit is set for movement*. The benefit of using two AC401 monitors is that anytime your children need to be separated, you have the option of two parent units, which is ideal for those with large houses.

*To set your parent unit to movement only, press select than exit and turn off the parent unit. If that unit alarms, the sound will be heard through the other monitor.

AC401 and AC300 monitors
You can also use one AC300 monitor with a AC401 monitor for multiple babies, which is more cost-effective. However, the sound of the alarm and noise of the child will only be heard through one parent unit. 

AC401 and AC420 monitors
If you have a newborn and a toddler in the same room, using one AC401 monitor and one AC420 monitor is ideal as the toddler will not need a sensor pad.

This is the Angelcare monitor that has been created with multiple babies firmly in mind. If you already have an Angelcare baby sound monitor but you want an extra level of reassurance or you have 2 little ones, twins or triplets sleeping in the same room, the AC300 with Sensor Pad and additional monitor is the perfect complement to your existing Angelcare baby monitoring system. 

Angelcare monitors that are NOT suitable for multiple children
You can not use two AC1100 monitors or 2 AC1120 monitors in the same house. You can also not use one AC1100 and one AC1120 in the same house.

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