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Australia Made Baby Cot Mattress Types

Australia Made Baby Cot Mattress Types

Baby Cot Mattress Buying Guide

Choosing nursery furniture and a cot for a new baby can be difficult enough but choosing the right mattress can be just as confusing. A newborn baby can sleep up to 16 hours a day so it's crucial to find a mattress that will be comfortable and supportive for them. Like buying a mattress for an adult, there are a lot of options, and choosing the wrong one could result in back or neck pain, trouble sleeping, and fatigue. 

New parents are usually advised to place babies on a "firm" surface to minimise the risk of suffocation, but what does this mean? Until recently, there was no standard test that defined what firmness actually is. A mattress that's too soft, could obstruct breathing if a baby happened to roll face-first into it. The Australian/NZ standard for mattress firmness provides manufacturers with a definitive test using a special apparatus to determine softness. 

At Baby Mode we offer a variety of different mattresses. Here is our guide to choosing the right one for you and your bub.

First and foremost our range of Spinal Support mattress are made locally here in Melbourne. All Spinal Support Innerspring mattresses comply with the Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Sleep surfaces – Test for firmness. Please Note this standard is a voluntary standard and not all mattresses sold in Australia compliance.


Mattress Size

One of the most important things to be aware of when choosing a mattress for your baby is what size you will need. If you have already chosen, ordered or purchased your baby’s cot make sure you know the measurements so you know what sized mattress you will need. Generally, whatever size your cot is you’ll want your mattress to be slightly smaller so you’re able to tuck in sheets, quilts or blankets with ease. If you haven’t chosen a cot yet, it is probably best to do that first so you know what sized mattress you will need.  All cots sold at Baby Mode have a recommended mattress size printed on the cot packaging by the manufacture that conforms to Australian standards. 

Some popular cot brand sizes are:

1320 x 700 mm
1400 x 700 mm
Cocoon  1310 x 750 mm
1320 x 700mm
Tasman Eco 1310 x 750 mm
Love N Care  1310 x 760 mm


Mattress Type

At Baby Mode, we offer Four types of Australian Made handcrafted mattresses. These come in a variety of sizes and styles and will suit most budgets. 

Premium Innerspring 

The first mattress we offer is a traditional Bonnell Spring System Innerspring mattress and this option is the most cost-effective of all our mattresses and can be purchased in a number of sizes. Innerspring mattresses are the most common found on the market and offer good support for the spine and joints. 

Organic High-Density Foam

Our range of organic high-density foam mattress and made of the highest quality and offer optimum support & maximum levels of comfort. Keep your baby healthy and sound asleep on these organic cotton outer cover with high-density foam inner mattresses.

Organic Innerspring

An innerspring mattress like our first option however, in this mattress the upholstery is made up of completely organic, hypoallergenic materials. This is an ideal option for children with sensitive skin, allergies, or for parents who prefer a more environmentally friendly option. 

Organic Latex Innerspring

This innerspring mattress also includes a layer of latex on both sides of the mattress, which will conform to your child's body. This is the most expensive of our mattresses, however, many experts recommend latex for additional support. Other features of latex are that its naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & dust mite resistant. Latex is also hypoallergenic & toxic-free. 

When visiting our store to choose a mattress, don't be afraid to gauge how firm or soft they are but remember each individual is different and just like how some people prefer a really soft mattress while some prefer a hard mattress, it is almost impossible to know what your baby will be more comfortable with. Our mattresses tend to be of a medium to hard firmness, so they're not too hard and not too soft, and this is a great place to start. Remember your baby will only be sleeping on this mattress for the first few years and when you move them to a bed you will be able to better understand what mattress is best for them.
For more information or to view our range, visit us in-store and chat with an expert member of our staff.
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