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Car Seat Installations

Can You Install Car Seats Yourself?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Baby Mode is if you buy a car seat or capsule with us, can you install it yourself?

Technically, yes but there are a few important things to consider.


Is it Safe to Install a Child Car Seat Yourself?


The safety of your child is of paramount importance, both to you and to us. Anyone who has ever installed a car seat or capsule themselves would tell you that it can be quite tricky and it can be quite easy to install it incorrectly. Installing a car seat or capsule incorrectly can have serious implications for the safety of your child and can be punishable by a hefty fine from the police.


Book a Professional Child Car Seat or Capsule Installation


For safety reasons Baby Mode strongly recommends that you have your car seat or car capsule installed by a professional fitter. Our friendly team can book a fitting for you, either in-store or over the phone. If you buy a car seat or capsule with us online, we strongly recommend that you find an accredited installer in your area.

Contact our team or book in today for a professional fit and installation of your child's car seat or capsule

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