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DIY Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Whether it's your little one's first Christmas or you just want a fun activity to do with your toddler, this DIY Christmas ornament is simple to make, inexpensive and is something that you can keep forever!


You Will Need
- 1 package of Modeling Clay (look for a type that can be set in your oven... not a kiln)
- Christmas Ribbon
- A Wooden Skewer
- Glitter (Optional) 

1. Start by rolling our your clay and forming it into a smooth and rounded disk, large enough to fit your child's hand. 

2. Press your child's hand firmly into the clay disk until it creates a deep imprint.

3. Using the wooden skewer creat a hole at the top of the disk. This is where you will thread through the ribbon to hang from the tree, so make sure it is not too small or too close to the edge.

4. If you would like you add a more personal touch, use your wooden skewer to write your child's name, birth date or a personal message, on the back of the disk. If you would like you can also dust the ornament with some glitter at this point.

5. To set your clay ornament, place on a tray in the oven and follow the directions on the package.

6. Once set, simply thread the ribbon through the hole you created earlier, tie a knot at the top and now your personalised ornament is ready to be displayed on your Christmas tree for years to come!

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