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Ecoriginals - Premium Environmentally Conscious Nappies & Wipes

Ecoriginals - Premium Environmentally Conscious Nappies & Wipes

Here at Baby Mode we have made a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact our business makes. As a small business we think integrating eco-friendly practices into our business processes is the way forward. So you can imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to bring ecoriginal nappies and Wipe into the Baby Mode family


Ecoriginals nappies are now proudly more than 90% biodegradable, with an increase in performance to boot. Their incredible Plantcell TechnologyTM works with an optimum combination of plant based ingredients to provide premium quality nappies with up to 40% greater absorbency than typical disposable nappies. Oh, and they have extended our range to offer nappy pants, for those extra wriggly toddlers and walkers!

  • Unique Plantcell TechnologyTM
  • 12-hour wetness protection
  • World first home compostable paper packaging
  • Introduction of Nappy Pants and Newborn size

Ecoriginals high performing, industry leading, environmental friendly nappies make them a perfect offering for conscious consumers.



With the introduction of three exciting baby wipes varieties, consumers are now spoiled for choice. The hardest decision for sure is whether to choose one, or stock up on all three. One thing is for certain, they never go to waste!

Ecoriginal purified New Zealand water wipes nourish delicate skin and are helped along with either the anitbacterial properties of manuka honey, the hydration of goat milk or soothing goodness of aloe vera extract. Certified organic ingredients are sourced locally in New Zealand, and brought together in our off-grid manufacturing facility. Ecoriginals baby wipes are 100% home compostable, made from sustainably-sourced bamboo fibre, all in recyclable packaging.

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • 100% biodegradable and home compostable bamboo wipes
  • Manufactured in New Zealand using 100% renewable energy




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