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Great Products For Flying With Little Ones

16 August 2013

BabyZen Yoyo
This is the ultimate stroller for travel! When folded, the BabyZen Yoyo is so compact that it is one of the few strollers that is accepted as carry-on cabin baggage by most major airlines. Weighing only 5.8kgs and featuring a thick shoulder strap, this stroller is easy to carry and even easier to store away. This stroller isn’t suitable for a newborn. 

Baby Jogger City Mini
If you are travelling with a newborn, the Baby Jogger City Mini is another great option for air travel. Weighing only 7.5kg and featuring the patented Quick-Fold Technology Baby Jogger is renowned for, this pram is easy to use and easy to store away. While this can’t be used as check-on cabin baggage, it’s the best option if you need a pram for travelling with a newborn.

Baby Carrier
Another great way to transport your little one is a baby carrier. This will help keep your hands free so you can take your suitcases through the airport and hand over your travel documents without worrying about pushing a pram or a stroller. The Stokke My Carrier 3 in 1 is a great option as you can have your baby in three different positions and it is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. 

Nappy Bag
Whether you’re driving down the street or boarding a flight to Europe, the humble nappy bag is an absolute must-have whenever you’re travelling with little ones. Look for one that has lots of compartments and one that has a cool design so you can use it as both your handbag and nappy bag on the plane.  Make sure it is stocked with all your baby essentials and your essentials too.

Child Harness
A busy airport is not the place you want to lose your toddler so if you have a little one with the tendency of running off, a child harness can be a great option for keeping them safe.

Grobag Baby Sleep Bag
Planes are often quite cold so to keep your baby comfortable a Grobag is a great option. These baby sleep bags will ensure that your baby will stay nice and toasty but also help them get a better sleep, which will help you and everyone else on the plane have a better sleep too.

Avent Feeding On-The-Go Kit
A handy thermabag that is the perfect size to carry bottles and containers but compact enough to fit in your carry on. The insulating lining will keep hot water warm, or will keep cold formula, breast milk or baby food cool, for up to four hours. Make sure you check the liquid allowances for your airline prior to travelling. This product is availiable in store.

CARES Harness for Flight Aviation
A reliable, lightweight solution for safe and easy flying with kids, the CARES harness acts as a car seat for aeroplanes. CARES is manufactured by AMSAFE, the world’s leading manufacturer of aeroplane seat belts and their testing shows it to be as safe as a car seat for your child.

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