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Leander Bednest Review

17 September 2013

One of the latest trends in parenting is the co-sleeping movement, which suggests that babies sleep better when they sleep in close proximity to their parent or parents, with some babies and parents even sleeping in the same bed. Some of the suggested benefits of co-sleeping are enhanced bonding and that it is more convenient for parents to attend to their baby, however, some have suggested that it may be too dangerous for the bub. One easy solution is the Leander Bednest, which is a bassinet like no other. This versatile design with folding down sides can be attached to the parents' bed so that feeding and settling can be done with minimal interruption to both mum and the little one. The Bednest sits right beside your bed so your bub can be close to you, but the Bednest gives them their own safe, comfortable environment. However, if you don't like the idea of co-sleeping the Bednest can also be used as an independent bassinette in a nursery with both sides fully up and it still functions beautifully as a modern and stylish bed for your bub. With this bassinette you can really have it all!

The Bednest boasts a tonne of great features such as allowing you to have baby right next to you but in their own safe space, secures to both framed beds and ensembles, mesh sides have 3 positions (up, half, down), height adjustable stand, frame can be tilted to help reflux symptoms, can be used as a detached bassinette in the nursery, folds flat for storage or travel, UK designed and made in Europe from European Beech with a mattress, stand and carry bag included.

We love it here at Baby Mode, but the Bednest also has a few celebrity fans, including Jools Oliver; Baby clothing designer and wife of Jamie Oliver. She has said of the Bednest:

“We love the Bednest - we have never had anything like it before for our other three children. I love the way it is so close to our bed the sides are really easy to pull down and I could practically roll little Buddy from my boob to bed! Easy and definitely eliminates the fear of falling asleep with them in your bed and suffocating them, as they lay safe next to you but in their own safe little cosy bed - brilliant! Buddy now sleeps in the Bednest in his nursery as I think he is a little small for his cot so it's perfect.” 

The Leander Bednest is available now at Baby Mode, both in-store and online. For more information or for a full product demonstration, chat to a member of our friendly team in store today!

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