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Let Infa Secure Colour Your World!

25 February 2014

Here at Baby Mode we're extremely excited to announce a brand-new range; Colours by Infa Secure. Colours are colourful car seat inserts that are affordable, make travelling fun and comfortable, and allow you to customise your car seat to suit your child’s personality, taste or mood. 

Each Infa Secure Colour Insert Set contains a comfort pillow, comfort insert, two shoulder strap pads and a crotch buckle pad, with 10 different vibrant shades to choose from. So whether you have a bold Mr Red or a calm Miss Turquoise, there's a Colour insert set for every personality and at only $39.99 (RRP) you can afford to mix and match without breaking the bank. These inserts are designed to be used with the new Infa Secure “Create” range but can also be used with prams, other car seats and capsules, for an individual touch.

Along with the new range of coloured inserts, Infa Secure have also designed two new car seats to be the perfect blank canvas for your new insert. The brand-new Infa Secure Cosi Create (0 to 4 Convertible Car Seat) and the brand-new Infa Secure Comfi Create (6 months to 8 years Convertible Booster Seat) both feature clean black covers, and are designed to make your Colour Inserts pop!

The Cosi Create features a narrow width, and one of the shortest rearward facing lengths of any 0 to 4 car seat, making it great for situations where space in the vehicle is limited. The five shoulder harness slot heights and nine recline positions in forward facing mode will cater for an extremely broad range of children, from 12 months to large four year olds and can be reward facing for up to 12 months, protecting your newborn even better. Despite the new sleek design, all the innovative safety technology that Infa Secure are known for is still present in the Cosi Create. The Air Cocoon Technology makes the whole seat behave like an airbag in an accident, greatly reducing the forces transferred to your child, without the need for add-on plastic cushions.

The Comfi Create is a forward facing child restraint and can be used with the in-built harness from approximately 6 months through to 8 years old. Once your child reaches the middle shoulder height marker, you can convert the Comfi Create into a booster seat for use with a lap sash seatbelt. The Comfi Create features a high, blow moulded backrest with large side wings for enhanced side impact protection, and a recline position for your child's comfort.

Both these seats are designed to be used with Colour Insert Sets, which can be purchased separately both in store and online. For more information comment below or visit us in store and chat with a member of our friendly team!

So tell us… What’s your favourite insert colour?

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