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New and Improved Safe-N-Sound Platinum and Meridian

8 October 2013

Always at the forefront of infant and child car safety, Safe-N-Sound have recently revamped two of their most popular convertible car seats; the Meridian and the Platinum. These new seats maintain the quality and design you’ve come to expect from Safe-N-Sound but they now protect your little one even better.

The biggest change is the new Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) in both designs, which make these seats some of the safest on the market. The Meridian and Platinum both feature a unique SICT layer that provides 180 degree protection around the child’s head and also have the additional benefit of reducing EPS breakages and replacement foam. In addition, the Platinum has a second layer of SICT on the exterior of the seat's headrest to absorb the immediate energy of a side impact crash and also another layer of SICT along the sides of the seat to minimise the energy felt on the child’s chest in a car crash, helping to prevent damage to internal organs.

Compared to the original Meridian AHR Tilt & Adjust seat, the new SICT design increases energy absorption by approximately 20%, making it significantly safer. Compared to the Platinum AHR Air Cushion, the new SICT Dual Layer increases head energy by approximately 5% and the SICT Torso Protection design reduces the forces felt on a child’s chest and vital organs by approximately 25%, making this the safest car seat that Safe-N-Sound have ever produced.

Despite the significant improvements to safety, both the Platinum and Meridian still maintain some of the design that made the original seats so popular. Accommodating a child from approximately birth to 4 years, both seats still feature the AHR Easy Adjust Headrest so by simply pulling on the lever, the seat will rise up to accommodate your growing child. However, they have also extended the range of the seat by 30mm on both designs, which gives the seat greater longevity and additional comfort for your little one.

Believe it or not, the only thing that hasn’t changed in these seats is the price. Retailing at the same price as the original AHR Tilt & Adjust Meridian and the AHR Air Cushion Platinum, these new seats are packed with extra value, design and most importantly, they’re even safer.

The new Meridian SICT and Platinum SICT are now available at Baby Mode. Visit us online or chat to a member of our expert team in store. 

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